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screw eggnog, time for chai

This is a post for those who enjoy fine beverages of the alcoholic type.
Recently I came across "Voyant", a liqueur with all the flavor and creaminess of a chai latte.

It is palatable enough tp drink on its own, and with a low alcohol volume (12.5%, or 25 proof), you don't have to worry much about sipping a warm glass of this by the fire on a Winter's night. :-p
I can't say I have done that, but I imagine it would go over well.
It is moderately priced, a 750 ml bottle will run around twenty dollars (maybe a little more, but not much). I haven't yet bought that sized bottle, but I have enjoyed the 50 ml sample bottles twice now.
I find it a pleasent and smooth beverage, and am surprised how tasty it is.
The bottle it'self is interesting, being completely painted in oranges and reds with white text. It is interesting to look at, but the drawback is that you cannot see how much is left.
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