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DVD: Ghost In The Shell 2: music videos

Anyone who has seen Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence knows the soundtrack is something worth looking into. Composer Kenji Kawai's works are as beautiful as they are haunting.. meshing the score amazingly with the film.
So one would think that this compilation of "music videos" would be on par with that.
One will be very dissapointed.
Being a fan of the Ghost in the Shell series, I really was exicited to hear about this, and to get to see it.
But the videos turned out to be nothing but the CG rendered backgrounds before they added the animation, for the most part. And though the backgrounds are stunning, it is not something one can really sit down and watch 42 minutes of.
I can see this as something used for background at a party or something, but to watch just for the sake of watching, you might as well just watch the movie instead.(Though I would imagine this to be mind blowing whilst one is in some sort of altered state)
The DVD a shameless marketing ploy, unfortunately.
Good thing for Netflix.

Here is something of interest I was brought attention to via hozay which relates to raevin 's great review of Dir en grey's "Withering to Death".
Dir en grey is to have a domestic release of WTD!!
For you non Jrock fans, doesn't seem like anything exciting, but when CDs from japan cost us around 30 bucks a pop, having a domestic relase means it will cost around half that.. like any other "normal" cd.
The US relase will have a dvd which contains several music videos as well as some older live stuff.
Check out the the press release here.
Thanks Ho. ~_^
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