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Hell yeah. I usually get a can or 2 of fruit cocktail at the grocery store because I like to eat out of cans so as not to dirty a good clean plate. Also fruit cocktail is awesome, especially since they made the kind with more cherry halves :) But last time I got a different kind:

Dole Tropical Fruit Salad in passion fruit nectar.
It's got pineapples, red and yellow papaya, guava, passionfruit juice, and banana puree. And the best part - the fruit is in these massive chunks rather than little nibble size bits. The juice is way tastier than the "heavy syrup" (or whatever kind of syrup) in regular fruit cocktail. And if you eat the whole can in one sitting (which is totally possible) you can get damn near all your daily requirement for vitamin C. (1 serving is half a cup and it's a 15 oz can)
It almost tastes like one cabana boy should be feeding it to me while another one fans with a palm frond. I do heart papaya so very much ^____^ Quite tasty and highly suggested.
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