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Food: Buddha's Hand

Those of you who know me, know I am rather eclectic, and will give most things a try. So when this oddly shaped fruit came around to a store I go to, I just had to try it.

The above is known as "Buddha's Hand".
A little research told me that this strange fruit is a unique citrus fruit from Asia.  I forget if it was Chinese or Japanese, both were mentioned using it.
It is rather odd in that, unlike most citrons, there is no fleshy pulp nor seeds. In fact, it is nothing but rind.

So for an average consumer, there is little to no use for it, unless you wish to use it as an expensive air freshener, as it is very fragrant.
It also ran for $10 for one.
Luckily as I work with a catering company/café, and that the main chef is as curious about new things as I, we got it on the company tab. :-p

Its main use is for flavoring. I read it is often used for flavoring liquors, especially vodkas.
And  it is very similar to lemon in taste, though far less sour.
Being all rind, it is useful when a recipe calls for zesting.
But over all, it seems rather useless for every day consuming, which we found rather disappointing.

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