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tera thai review

This one is for the Richmond VA area folks.

Tera Thai, a realitively new Thai restruant located in the Short Pump mall, is amazing. :-p

First off, the décor is an interesting underwater theme, with cool green and blue ambient lighting and string lights shaped liked jellyfish lighting th place. There are various themed paintings and sculptures to add to the effect, as well as tables with sand sculptures encased within the top.

The staff, from what I could see, was totally ethnic to the Thai area, which is always a good sign when going to a place like that. Speaking of the staff, they seemed very energetic and and attentive.

I didn't go to the bar area, but from what I could see, they had a good selection, and what caught my attention was the massive wine racks lining the wall above the bar. A large tv was placed in center between a set of racks.

Above the bar was what I guessed was a VIP balcony for private gatherings, since no one was seated there.

And now to the food.

The plates they give are packed! There is no way you could leave that place hungry. I considered taking some home, but then when I figured it wouldn't be as good reheated, I just picked through what I had left for the good stuff, and left the rest. I had a a mildly spicy seafood dish, with lots of good seafood pieces. I also ordered a mixed drink, of of their specialties they called “Jade”. I forget what all was in it, but it was very good.

Now to the part you are wondering. Prices...

It actually was very good. Not a thing there was over 13.95, and the drink I got was under 6 dollars, which surprised me.

So it is great dining at an affordable price.

The one drawback is, being in the mall, it gets very crowded. This has been my first trip out of three attempts. The other times I tried there was always close to an hour's wait.

I don't know if they take reservations or not, but they do offer a carry out menu. But personally, I think the atmosphere is half the fun. OH, that reminds me. despite being a popular and often packed place, it never go too loud there, so conversation is manageable.

Over all it gets high marks all around. I deffinately recommend you giving it a shot if you like Thai food.

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