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Sometimes you read reviews by the critics in papers, and you feel they have no idea what they are talking about after you try it yourself. So this is to be our own voice, by our peers for our peers.

This is a community where you can write reviews about pretty much anything, be it a place like a restaurant or museum, movies, art, food, music, games, books, etc.
You can review almost anything as long is it is done seriously, with the intent to share information.

A few basic guidelines:
- Include as much detail as you can (location, release date, anything that defines what it is you are reviewing), simply saying “it was good” or “it sucks” isn't enough. Your opinon is important, but support it.
- Should the thing you are reviewing have a website (or be a website), feel free to share the link, as well as posting a picture.
- Approach all reviews with an open mind. In the end, you may not agree with what is posted, but everyone is entitled to their opinon.
- Discussion is welcome, pointless bickering is not. This may get you removed from the community.
- And lastly, feel free to post as much and as often as you like!

Done right, this will be fun and helpful for all who join. ^_^